Why do Straight Teeth Matter?


Having a straight smile doesn’t just help people feel more confident, it can also help reduce the risk of some oral health issues. It’s not at all uncommon to have crooked teeth, with over half of Australians reporting feeling self-conscious about their teeth. iSmile Dentistry offers a smile makeover service along with braces and Invisalign to improve both the appearance of your smile and general dental health. Here are a few reasons why having straight teeth is so important.

Why it’s Important to Correct a Crooked Smile

  1. Straight teeth are easier to clean

When teeth are straight, brushing and flossing become a simpler process. Having crooked or misaligned teeth can increase plaque retention as food tends to get stuck in the crevices. In turn, this can increase your risk of developing gum disease and cavities. A clean mouth is a healthy mouth, and you will be able to clean your teeth easily if they are properly aligned.

  1. Uneven teeth wear faster

Teeth are designed to last a lifetime, but having crooked teeth can lead to uneven wear of tooth enamel. The teeth will also be prone to chipping. People with crooked teeth/an abnormal bite are also more likely to grind, causing further damage to the teeth. Excessive wear to the teeth can lead to problems such as sensitivity and pulpitis (inflammation of the nerves in your teeth).

  1. Improved chewing ability

Having a normal bite is important as it improves your ability to chew, which means food can be swallowed and digested easily. With straight teeth, you can enjoy a healthy, balanced diet containing essential vitamins and minerals, that will benefit not only your general health but also your oral health.

  1. Reduced risk of injury

If you play contact sports or participate in activities with a risk of facial trauma, you should know that having teeth that stick out or protrude can make you more susceptible to injury. Orthodontic treatment can reduce the protrusion of your front teeth, reducing your risk of dental injury. A custom mouthguard made by your dentist is also highly advisable.

  1. Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

Malaligned teeth are harder to clean and plaque trapped in between your teeth can lead to poorer gum health. Periodontal (gum) disease can increase a person’s risk of heart disease by 20 percent. Bacteria from the gums enter the blood stream, leading to heart disease and stroke. Reduce your risk of any serious dental complications by straightening your teeth so they are easier to keep clean.

A healthy smile can also improve self-confidence

Whilst the above are all compelling reasons to fix a crooked smile, it’s also important to consider the social and general wellbeing benefits. Studies have shown that people with a healthy smile are generally perceived to be more successful and intelligent. Additionally, many people who have had orthodontic treatment report that they feel a renewed sense of self confidence.

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At iSmile Dentistry, we believe in helping patients achieve a smile that they can feel happy about. Straightening your teeth will help to improve your overall appearance while reducing your risk of serious oral and general health complications.

Our dentists either have  a Masters degree in Orthodontics or have completed an Invisalign Certified course, and they are passionate about creating a straighter smile. Almost two-thirds of Australians would like to fix their crooked smiles. If you are one of them, we invite you to book an orthodontic consultation at iSmile Dentistry to explore your options.