What is Dental Health Week?


Dental Health Week runs from the 2-8 August 2021, with the annual Australian Dental Association’s (ADA) campaign focus on educating Australians about the importance of oral health care. We all hope to enjoy a healthy smile for life, and by maintaining a good oral hygiene routine and visiting your dentist regularly it is possible to meet this goal.  In this blog post we will be sharing some insight into the campaign and enhance your awareness of the take-home messages.


Dental Health Week 2021 Theme – ‘Keep your Smile for Life’

The first week of August is always anticipated by dentists and their colleagues, as it signals the beginning of Dental Health week. As a patient you may have never heard about this event, but it’s something worth knowing about as it serves to educate and improve oral health outcomes for the Australian population. As dentists, we love nothing more than talking about dentistry and oral health. By shining a spotlight on these areas during Dental Health Week we hope to bring awareness and promote discussion between dentist and patient. 

This year, the theme is ‘Keep your Smile for Life’. At iSmile Dentistry we aim to help our patients do just that by caring for their oral health needs and empowering them to smile with confidence. 


What do the statistics say about the oral health of Australians?

Unfortunately, many Australians are failing to look after their oral health as well as they should. According to the ADA Oral Health Tracker reports:

      75% of Australian rarely or never floss/clean between their teeth

      1 in 5 adults brush only once daily

      39% of parents report their children consume 2-5 sugary soft drinks per week

      2 in 3 adults typically visit the dentist to address dental problems rather than a routine check-up.

      47% of those over 18 consume an excessive amount of sugar


Looking After Your Teeth and Gums

Whilst most people are aware that brushing twice daily is important, there’s actually a bit more to it than this if you want to keep your teeth for life. According to the ADA there are four key messages to takeaway if you wish to keep your teeth for life:


      Brush morning and night with fluoride toothpaste

      Floss daily to remove stuck particles between your teeth

      Consume a healthy, balanced diet with minimal sugar intake

      Visit your dentist regularly for routine check-ups and preventive care

Following above recommendations will give yourself the best chance at preventing dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease which may eventually result in tooth extraction. With proper care, your teeth are designed to last for your lifetime.


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