Teeth Whitening Options, Risks and Results


If you are self-conscious about the colour of your teeth then perhaps teeth whitening options are for you. Discolouration of the teeth can result from food, coffee, wine, tobacco consumption, improper brushing or a combination of the above. Stained or discoloured teeth can often affect a person’s confidence. The dentist can help achieve the smile you wish for with a combination of simple procedures such as a clean and polish and tooth whitening treatment

In this blog post we describe the whitening option offered to our patients, the risks of teeth whitening and the expected results of teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

At iSmile Dentistry, we offer take home bleaching kits for treatment of your mild teeth discolouration. This process involves the construction of a custom-fitted tray and a bleaching gel tailored for you. The dentist will check and confirm the tray fits perfectly to your teeth and go through the instructions of bleaching gel usage. The bleaching gel is applied to the teeth at home via the tray. This procedure takes approximately 1-2 weeks to manifest results.

Teeth Whitening Risks

There are three main risks associated with teeth whitening treatments: increased sensitivity, damage to gums and other oral tissues and what is known as ‘technicolour teeth’.

  1. Increased sensitivity to hot and cold can happen following treatment. This is only a temporary side effect and normally lasts only for a couple of days.
  2. Special care must be taken to ensure bleaching gel doesn’t touch the gums or lips. Chemical burns may occur if the whitening gel is not applied properly.  Avoid beauticians and hairdressers who are not qualified to perform this procedure.
  3. ‘Technicolour teeth’ can occur if a patient has front fillings, crowns or veneers. Because these materials don’t change colour, patients  who have a teeth whitening treatment performed may end up with teeth of different colours.
  4. Resorption can happen after a bleaching procedure but the risk is very low. However, it is a potentially significant side effect that can result in loss of the tooth. Dental resorption is best prevented with visits to your dentist for regular reviews and check ups to identify the earliest signs of this condition and treat it.

Teeth Whitening Results

The results of a teeth whitening treatment will vary between individuals. Some factors that can influence the effectiveness of the treatment include the strength of bleaching gel used, duration of treatment and the causes of teeth discoloration.

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