At the iSmile dental practice, we have a separate decontamination room or rooms to carry out the cleaning, inspection, sterilisation, and storage of dental instruments and equipment.

Sterilisation is an essential step in the reprocessing of reusable dental instruments that have become contaminated, or are potentially contaminated, with saliva, blood, or other biological fluids. This includes dental handpieces. The aim of sterilisation is to break the chain of potential cross-infection between patients by killing microorganisms, including spores. However, prion proteins are not fully deactivated by the sterilisation process.

Therefore, effective instrument cleaning is particularly important to physically remove contamination, including prion proteins, prior to sterilization.

Sterilisation procedures are extremely important to prevent cross-contamination, and you can be assured that at iSmile Dentistry, our dental practitioners take this procedure seriously for the safety of our patients.