A reason to smile again: Full mouth dental implants or all-on-four dental implants.


Can just four or six implants replace all of the teeth on the top or the bottom of your mouth? Instead of putting up with the discomfort and hassles of dentures, many people are opting for what is called full mouth dental implant rehabilitation.

This technique for replacing teeth utilises dental implants.  A dental implant is a small titanium screw that fits inside the jawbone and replaces the root-part of a missing tooth. Minor surgery is required to insert the dental implants. Once the dental implant is in place, a crown is attached to restore function and aesthetics.

However, you do not need a dental implant for each and every one of your missing teeth. All you need is four or six precisely placed implants on the top of your mouth, and four or six on the bottom, to restore your full smile. Eventually the dental implant becomes part of the jawbone and serves as a strong, long-lasting foundation for new teeth.

Besides ensuring that the implants are permanently fixed in place, this bone integration has another important benefit: it can prevent future bone loss in the jaw. This helps to maintain a more youthful facial structure—and better oral health.

By combining the precise technology of the full mouth procedure with the expertise of our implant teams, iSmile Dentistry has developed a way to give most patients a new smile in one day.


Here’s why the all-inclusive approach at iSmile Dentistry works for people who are missing a majority of their teeth:

  • Your team of doctors (prosthodontist, periodontist and oral surgeon) lab technician and equipment are all in one patient-centered facility
  • Dental implants can be placed and the arches of your new teeth in your mouth restored in the same day.
  • You leave our dental center with a natural looking, fully functioning set of teeth—all in one day

After the insertion of the dental implants at iSmile Dentistry, the new smile will look and feel great. However it is only temporary as it takes dental implants some time to heal and fuse to the jawbone. Once that has taken place usually 3-6 months time our team will replace your temporary teeth with a permanent, custom-made designed smile.


How do you know if the full mouth treatment from iSmile Dentistry  is the right option for you?

At iSmile Dentistry we offer a free consultation for first-time patients. At your consultation, a 3D CT Scan will be taken and charged at a special rate. This scan will help determine if you need implants and assist the doctors in formulating a personalised, tailored made treatment plan that is suitable for you.